What loves each other teases: That's how it is with siblings

What loves each other teases: That's how it is with siblings

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Siblings often also provide entertaining moments among animals. And as can be seen in this video, brothers and sisters are sometimes cheeky and annoy their family members with funny actions.

"Go ahead. Yes, exactly like that!" Thinks a monkey child and lets his sibling run to the edge of a water. Batsch, the cheeky badger has poked his family member into the water. Fortunately, the rest of the family is immediately on hand and saves the baby from the cool water.

Other animals in this compilation also know how to get their siblings mad. A little bear pushes another off a branch while trying to climb, a cat jumps into a box and uses it to drive off another fluffy velvet paw. And even hearty puppies are not afraid to wrangle with their peers, for example when it comes to who should get more of the delicious treats in the food bowl. Struggling without a reason of course also works! Gorgeous!

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