Cough in dogs: possible causes

Cough in dogs: possible causes

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Coughing in the dog does not always have to come from an illness. Because the cough itself is nothing more than a physical protective reflex to clean the animal's airways. Nevertheless, it is important to clarify possible causes. Allergy, bronchities, cold: cough in dogs can have various causes - Image: Shutterstock / Robynrg

Cough in dogs, if they are strong or persistent, should be examined and treated by the veterinarian. Tell him exactly what disease symptoms you have observed in your dog: how often, how strongly and how long does your dog cough? At what time of day does the cough appear and have other symptoms such as tiredness, restlessness or difficulty breathing occurred?

It is also important whether your dog coughs on certain occasions. Also pay attention to whether it is irritable cough or your animal secretes a slimy secretion when coughing.

Allergies as causes of cough in dogs

If the dog coughs only occasionally and mainly indoors, allergies or too dry indoor air could be the trigger. The veterinarian decides whether this type of dog cough needs treatment or whether it is enough if you use a humidifier to make the room air a little more comfortable for your four-legged friend.

Asthma also occurs in dogs and is usually triggered by an allergic reaction. To improve the symptoms, the trigger for the asthmatic cough must be found as quickly as possible.

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Cough as symptoms of illness in the dog

Diseases and infections are also common causes of dog cough. Your four-legged friend may have contracted bronchitis or another bacterial, viral, or fungal infection. Distemper and kennel cough are dangerous diseases that should be excluded as the cause of the cough.

The vet may also check your dog for worms if suspected, because heartworms or lung worms can be responsible for coughing. Only after a clear diagnosis will he determine a treatment option to help your dog as soon as possible.

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Different forms of cough in dogs

The type of cough in dogs can give both the owner and the doctor information about possible causes. It is therefore particularly important that you listen carefully. For example, dry cough is hard, rough, and is often accompanied by pain for your darling. It does not secrete mucus, but it can start choking. The following factors can be identified as potential causes:

● Initial stages of inflammation of the respiratory tract, e.g. B. Bronchitis
● Sore throat, larynx or trachea
● asthma
● heart disease
● Foreign bodies in the airways
● Kennel cough, which is accompanied by fever and nasal discharge
● Trachial collapse: coughing fits occur with great excitement / joy

A wet cough in dogs is not only evident from the typical sputum. You usually hear a rattling, gurgling sound when breathing. Again, your pet can start choking again and again. Mucus or other fluid is often vomited. The following causes are possible:

● Pneumonia
● Heart disease that caused pulmonary edema
Left-sided heart failure (the cough usually occurs at night or in the morning)

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Is the dog's cough related to the breed?

Although it cannot be said in general that cough in dogs is related to a specific breed, some have experienced more frequent respiratory problems than others. Pugs and French bulldogs are just two examples where breeding plays a major role in respiratory health. Due to their flat noses, infections or a blockage of the airways by foreign bodies are favored.

Large, heavy breeds such as Boxer, Irish Wolfhound, Doberman, Great Dane, St. Bernard and Hovawarte often suffer from an enlarged heart with accompanying heart failure from the age of 5. This can cause fluid formation in the lungs, which can sometimes be manifested by a violent cough. However, this disease also occurs in smaller breeds such as Cocker Spaniel or Foxhound.


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