Four dog harnesses for your active four-legged friend

Four dog harnesses for your active four-legged friend

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Dog harnesses offer many advantages over a classic collar. It protects your dog's cervical spine, larynx and neck muscles. Here we present four models for a wide range of requirements. Four dog harnesses for your active four-legged friend - Image: Shutterstock / Terry Watt

1. The classic: harness for the active dog

This dog harness for active four-legged friends has a soft padding and offers protection for the joints and muscles. The cross technology with the center bar relieves the load even more when pulling and thus ensures even more safety. If your darling gets too cocky, you can gently show him his limits.

2. Puppy dishes for the little ones

If you want to get your puppy used to dog harnesses directly, this soft set is just the thing. The dishes are made of a particularly hard-wearing material and are therefore very gentle. It is adjustable in size so that it grows with your dog. You can also use it for smaller dog breeds when they are fully grown.

3. Chic soft tableware with a checked pattern

This soft harness is not only gentle on your dog's joints - it also looks good with the chic check pattern. The harness is available in different sizes, including for a wide variety of dogs. However, you should note that it is more suitable for a leisurely stroller than for the active four-legged friend.

4. Power harness for the working dog

If you are looking for a set for a sports or work dog, this power harness is the one for you. The ergonomic shape and the breathable lining make it ideal for extreme purposes. So your dog is well protected and safe, even if he moves a lot.


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