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Cat is afraid of thunderstorms: How to help her

Cat is afraid of thunderstorms: How to help her

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Almost every cat is afraid of thunderstorms - especially in summer, when it is thundering properly, the fur noses usually hide in the far corner under the sofa, bed or closet. As a cat owner, there are a few things you can do to help your velvet paw. If cats withdraw in a thunderstorm, we should leave them alone - Shutterstock / kowit1982

There are a few important rules every animal lover should keep in mind when Mother Nature lets lightning and thunder out of the sky. The most important thing is that you keep calm yourself and let your pets know that everything is OK. Otherwise, you are likely to make the situation worse.

Better leave the cat alone during a thunderstorm

If there is a crash outside and your cat withdraws scared, you should respect this and it is best to leave it alone. Talking or soothing petting is not advisable, as it signals your cat that something is wrong - so it is more worrying than calming. Cats naturally withdraw when there is danger from a thunderstorm and then come out when they feel safe again.

It looks different when your kitty approaches you on its own and seeks protection on your lap or at your side. Then you can calmly heart her, but you shouldn't overdo it. Stay calm and don't overdo it with encouragement or any confirmation of fear. Be as normal as possible and your cat will also relax. The fur lines are true masters in reading your body language. If your sofa lion notices that you yourself are restless and soothing, it takes on this mood.

Cat is afraid of thunderstorms: take precautions

You can, however, take a few precautions to make it easier for your kitty to face the thunderstorm. If you find out about an upcoming thunderstorm in the weather forecast, you should keep doors and windows closed and close the curtains or blinds. This reduces the volume of the thunder and the flashes of lightning can no longer be seen so well inside. You can also bring your pets to a quiet room wherever possible, where the thunderstorm is less noticeable. In any case, your kitty should be able to withdraw - under furniture, for example.

Very important: If there is a thunderstorm, you should make sure from the outset that outdoor people are not outside, as they may panic.

How to calm a nervous cat

Moving, visiting or new family members can make a cat nervous. To calm her down ...

So you can still calm your cat during a thunderstorm

In addition to the precautions mentioned and calm protection when your cat comes to you, you can also help with Bach Flower Extract. The vegetable drops have a calming effect. You can find tips for use in the guide: "Bach flowers for cats: use and dosage".

Another method of calming down dogs and cats is wraps, which you can do yourself. Specialized retailers now have special "suits" for cats that exert gentle pressure and calm animals. What also helps with thunderstorms: employment. You can try to distract your kitty simply by playing with her or by giving her a toy to work with. It is important that you do not force your cat to do anything. Treats can also help.


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