Remove the cat urine smell: tips against the smell

Cat urine smell is probably one of the most pungent and unpleasant smells there is - even the biggest cat lovers can't deny that. We'll tell you here whether chemical cleaners or tried-and-tested home remedies on how you can successfully remove the smell of cat urine. Although this house tiger goes to the litter box - its peers like to leave the smell of cat urine on furniture and carpets - Tiplyashina Evgeniya / Shutterstock

If your velvet paw has used a place far away from its litter box for your small business, this will not only leave unsightly stains: once a cat has marked a spot with its cat urine smell, there is unfortunately a risk that it will use the same spot again for exactly this purpose ,

A cat's urine contains ammonia, mercaptan, hydrogen sulfide and amines, among other things - and these substances must be removed because they are responsible for the pungent smell of cat urine.

Remove cat urine smell in the apartment: what to do?

Eliminating the smell of cat urine in the home may not be easy. This is especially true if textiles such as the couch or the carpet have been affected in any way.

Fast action is required. Because if the cat's urine is still fresh, it is easier to remove than when dry. They do not give the smell a chance to spread.

When it comes to removing cat urine odor, good ventilation is also on the program. You should also clean the marked area as often until it is really clean.

Important tip: Get your cat out of the room before cleaning. Because there is a high risk that your animal will mark the contaminated area again. What are the only ways you can actually fight urine and the smell?

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Cat urine remover from the trade

There are various cleaners to buy to remove the stain and the cat urine smell. It is crucial, however, that the agent should contain no ammonia if possible. Because that is also contained in the cat urine and encourages your animal to "piss".

Also keep in mind: Aggressive cleaners can usually remove the cat urine smell, but you could damage textiles or other sensitive materials. You could also harm your pet by using the chemical club - in the worst case, poisoning can even occur.

In contrast, enzyme cleaners are particularly suitable. They are environmentally friendly and contain enzymes and bacteria that digest biological material. This makes such cleaning agents ideal for removing stains and odors caused, for example, by urine. The advantage of enzyme cleaners: They grab the dirt at the root and also dissolve the very last molecules of cat urine.

Soda, baking powder and corn starch to combat the smell of cat urine

In order to neutralize the cat urine smell, harmless household remedies in powder form such as soda, baking powder or corn starch are also recommended. Here's the best way to do it: First dab the stain with paper towels. Then apply the powder to the affected area and rub it well with a brush. It is best to leave everything on overnight and vacuum it off in the morning.

Alternatively, you can wipe off the powder after a short exposure time with a damp cloth. If the stains prove to be particularly stubborn, you can mix the baking powder or the cornstarch with water into a paste beforehand and then rub the stain with it.

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Mouthwash as a smell killer for cat urine

Another way to get rid of cat urine and the smell associated with it is diluted mouthwash. Simply apply to the stain and let dry. But be careful: colored mouthwashes can stain, so you should use clear mouthwash for light textiles.

Coffee powder - a clever home remedy for the smell of cat urine

Another effective home remedy for cat urine smell is treatment with coffee or espresso powder. However, this method does not remove the stain, but only the unpleasant smell.

The following also applies to this home remedy: the powders can color. Therefore, only use it on dark fabrics or in inconspicuous areas. Important: Before you treat a cat urine stain with coffee powder, you should brush off the mishap with neutral detergent. Then apply the actual powder, let it work and finally suck it off again.

Neutralize the stench with oranges

Orange oil cleaners from the health food store can also help against the acrid cat urine smell. Alternatively, you can put the peel of oranges or lemons or an artificial citrus scent on the spot where your cat has passed.

Not only can that help remove the smell - the velvet paws don't like the aroma of citrus, so there's a chance they won't use this place as an alternative litter box from now on.