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Cat triggers police action during house cleaning

Cat triggers police action during house cleaning

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The police were amazed when they came out in Eutin near Lübeck due to a disturbance in the peace and found nothing more than a cat and a vacuum cleaner. Many cats have respect for the "vacuum cleaner monster" - Image: Shutterstock / Mr_Mrs_Marcha

There is hardly a cat who is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner. However, this does not seem to apply to a specimen from Eutin.

Apparently the animal got so close to the vacuum cleaner that she turned on the device, on a Friday evening while its owner was at work.

Cat is afraid of a vacuum cleaner: what to do?

There is hardly a cat who is not afraid of a vacuum cleaner. A few particularly brave house tigers ...

The result: neighbors felt disturbed by the constant vacuum cleaner noise and alarmed the police. She was able to organize a key to the apartment, and unsuspectingly she did not meet a party-loving tenant, but the cat and the vacuum cleaner running at full speed.

Without further ado, the police pulled the plug. The night's sleep has been restored. Cats are considered clean, this house cleaning was then somewhat unusual even for the four-legged friends.

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