Deakin cat tool login

Deakin cat tool login

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Deakin cat tool login

We believe that the cat tool can be a useful addition to a

librarian's skillset. To this end, we have created

this document to describe how to log in to the tools. A number of

the tools also use your own personal information, so we

welcome any feedback. If you don't want to provide

any information, you can safely choose not to.

Once you have signed up you will receive an eml

with login detls.

Before you can use the cat tool you need to have used our web site

and selected your account type. You may do this


Once you have completed this you will receive a message

eml with detls of your password and login.

1. From the site you have chosen, click on the login


2. A login box should appear with your username. To

access the cat tool go to the last tab and login with your

usename and password.

3. Once in the cat tool, you can click on cat

tool at the top and enter the web address of a

site. Click on the green

arrow at the top to go to the 'cat tool options'.

The cat tool will automatically open up in a new window. This

allows you to navigate around the site with ease. If you are

having trouble you can close the cat tool and re open it and

see if that helps.

4. Once you are happy with the site you are

interested in, hit the red arrow

at the top.

This will close the current window and load up a list

of cat tools. Click on the tool you

want to use and it will open in a new window. You can then

close that window and reopen it to use the cat tool.

The cat tool can be used to search multiple

websites in a single window, making it easier than

ever to navigate a site. It also has the facility to save

websites for future use, so you can always quickly access

websites that you need to revisit.


When searching for cat tools, the 'search all

websites' will go to the same url as the mn cat

tool search. If you want to search different sites

simply click on the cat tool then click on the drop

down arrow in the search box. You will then be given

the option to search all websites, just this website or

a specific site. You will notice that the search box

will be greyed out, this is because you already have a

search in progress.

The cat tool can also be used to search Google by typing


If you

have any problems using the cat tool you are welcome to

contact the cat tools support

people, click




The Cat Web Search is a web tool designed to search websites from a single

browser window. Designed for ease of use, this web tool can be used to

search the whole internet, or a single website.

There is no need to register on the site, to use the cat web search, just

visit any website and use the tools we provide. Simply type into the

search box what you are looking for and press the search button.

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