Promote the fun of playing with cat snacks

Indoor cats love variety and employment. However, not all house tigers are easy to animate to play. If boredom threatens, there is a simple trick: Just integrate a few snacks into the game!

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Window sills, heating couches and the like are cozy, but every now and then a little movement is the order of the day. Games ensure that your cozy room tiger is better used physically and mentally and that his life is a little more varied and cat-friendly. With these tips you can guarantee to lure your four-legged friend out of the house:

Tip 1: Have fun with the feed ball

Your kitten can hardly be stopped when it sees treats? Then a feed ball is perhaps the measure of all things, because your kitten has to work out the treats by moving the ball back and forth.

Variety does not only come into play if you vary between the types of treats and dry food. You can also determine the size of the opening in the ball, or place it on your cat-safe balcony for your cat.

Tip 2: tricks with treats

Making males, sitting, and co .: Dressing cats is not easy, but also not impossible, because many velvet paws do almost everything for a treat and, of course, reward you if you succeed!

Practicing a few tricks promotes your cat's intelligence and prevents boredom at all. You can find a few ideas for cat dressing in books like this one.

Tip 3: Twice as great with snacks: the fummel board

A fiddling board is already a hit among domestic cats and most can spend hours on it, even when their owner is gone. The intelligence toy becomes even more attractive when a few treats are hidden in it.

The fummel board is especially nice for cats who are alone a lot. Just populate it with a few snacks before you go to work, and the fun can begin!

Tip 4: The hunt for the treat

Playing with snacks often does not require any great extras: to animate the cat's hunting instinct and curiosity, it is enough to throw the dry food or the treats and let the cat chase after it.

Likewise, room tigers love small hide-and-seek games where their sense of touch is required. Simply spread out a few treats on the floor, the window sill or the edge of the bathtub and your sweet darling is busy for a while!