Why is my dog staring at nothing

Why is my dog staring at nothing

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Why is my dog staring at nothing?

Why is my dog staring at nothing? I’ve been keeping my eye on my dogs recently as she seems to be losing interest in just about everything except for sitting in her car seat. If I’m sitting in the front seat of the car and call her for something she goes in her car and turns on the car lights. In the same car if I call her for something she will come to me without hesitation. It seems like it’s happening less and less frequently though. She does it with other things I do like if I call her to go in the house, if she sees me walking in front of her she will do it more frequently.

My 2 dogs sit and watch me drive home from work now. I am not sure if it is cause they don’t have a car or not. They will bark at my neighbors as I walk my dogs. It is like if I call them for something and their head turns to the left. I think she is trying to stare at something. I think she has a toy, but I have no idea where it is. Does she think it is my car? She did this recently and she is still doing it. It could also be a light shining in her eyes. They are green and she can be seen with a red filter or a green filter. It could be the headlights in her eyes. We have a really bright back light. Does anyone know what she is trying to stare at? She will walk away from whatever it is and come back agn. She is about 2.

My dog is staring into the sun. She is staring at something so clearly and not blinking. When you ask her what she is looking at she looks at you, and does not blink. We live in a sunny area and as I sd, she has the filter. I think she is looking at her reflection in the sun. Any other suggestions?


I have seen similar things happen to dogs. It’s usually the reflection of headlights on their eyes. It’s very noticeable to me that they always stop when it happens. A few have actually walked up to the headlight and turned their heads.

Dogs have the best sense of vision. I have seen a dog walking down the street and when a car headlight came on and shined into his eyes he looked up and gave a warning bark. We are all so oblivious to this. One other thing I have witnessed on a few occassions is when people are driving through the woods on dirt roads and the cars headlights catch your dog. Dogs love to chase headlights and often try to grab the moving light source. My dog has done this.

My dog does this sometimes in the mornings. She would walk outside to go to the bathroom and then return to the house and try to walk beside the front door and back into the house. I would sit at the door wting for her and then she would just slowly walk past the door and I would open the door and she’d be there wting for me. She has never jumped over the porch but the last time we had a tree trimming crew working they saw her at our front door with one of the workers and they asked him if he thought she was trying to get to him. He sd yes and I never saw it happen. It is one of those things I’d have to say that I’ve witnessed a dog try to jump over a porch or gate and when it fls she tries to walk beside it.

If she had done it I think I would’ve opened the door but I would have been scared. I think they were just curious why she was at the front door. I’ve watched her walk the sidewalk with all the kids and they just laugh at her. My dog really does love to play. She will happily play catch with her little toys. She seems to enjoy trying to follow my shadow when I’m taking a walk and she can get herself pretty excited about that, which she thinks she can do because she’s a girl.

We just celebrated our 4th anniversary. I like to think of our dog as a kid. She gives me a lot of love and when I leave for work she gives me more. She gets excited to see me every time I come home and when I leave for work she tries to get out of the house. When I come home she is happy to see me and even happier when I give her a little belly rub.

It just seems like a lot of people don’t understand how a dog and humans should live together. My dog has given me the love of a family member and I have given her everything I can. She has given me the gift of unconditional love.

I think if I were to tell someone that I love them they’d think I was either stupid or crazy. My dog is the most important person in my life and I am the most important person in her life. The most important thing in my life is my dog.

If I was lost or scared or in trouble she would be there. I think if a dog could talk it would say “I love you” and we would understand it.

I think the first book I read was The Little Engine that Could. It wasn’t actually about a little engine, it was about a little girl who was lost in the snow and when she couldn’t make it back to the rlroad she sd “c’mon, don’t look at me like that, I’m just a little engine.” I knew I was going to be a writer even though

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