Miller meadow dog park

Miller meadow dog park

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Miller meadow dog park

The Miller meadow dog park is a grassy area in the meadow of Miller Hall on the University of Rochester campus in Rochester, New York, United States. The park includes four separate play areas: a dog run, a grass area, a soccer field, and a playground. The park was renovated in the summer of 2015. It was also announced on August 18, 2015, that the park would be renamed the Michael F. Miller Park in honor of a former University Trustee and retired attorney. Miller was a University trustee and an honorary director at the time of his death in January 2015, and had donated the land for the park.


The park was initially created in 2007 as part of a larger campus plan. At that time, the park was named the Campus Dog Park. The dog run was designed with the aid of two students who had been diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. The original design included a shelter, benches, and drinking fountain. It was later expanded to include two new dog runs, a grass area, and a soccer field. The grass area and the soccer field were designed with the aid of children who had attended school nearby.

The park was initially used only by students. During the first summer of its opening, University of Rochester President Joel Seligman and University Trustee Michael F. Miller, who helped fund the park, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony. In 2007, it was the only green space on campus. The grass area had grass, a shelter, and a drinking fountain. In 2009, a new playground was added, with equipment donated by Playland Industries.

The park was renovated and renamed in the summer of 2015. The new amenities included three new dog runs, a grass area, a soccer field, a new playground with a "lazy river" slide and two new spray showers. It also included a pond, which had previously been part of the dog run. A paved path ran through the park. The renovation was funded by a $2 million gift from Miller's estate. The park is now the only grass area on campus.

The park was named the Miller meadow dog park in 2015, in honor of a retired University Trustee and honorary director who died in January 2015. In April 2015, a group of residents from the neighborhood where Miller had lived had called for the park to be named after him. Other suggestions included calling it the Miller Family Dog Park. Miller's estate donated the land for the park.


The park is used by university students and the general public. People have come from throughout Rochester to use the park. It has been used by students in the adjacent University Commons for studying, walking, running, eating, playing sports, and meeting up with friends.

The Miller meadow dog park has a long leash law. Dogs are not allowed in the grass area, but are allowed to use the other areas. All dogs are required to be on a leash. In 2015, the park was considered "the heart of campus".

Design and facilities

The park is in size. A large lawn separates the park from Miller Hall, and there is a sidewalk and a path through the grass area.

The grass area has benches, a drinking fountain, and a shelter with a play area underneath. The grass area also has a playground, with equipment provided by Playland Industries. The park is open 24 hours a day.

The play equipment is located in a play area near the entrance. It includes a merry-go-round, a tunnel, swings, slides, and a water fountain. The park has a fenced area for people with small dogs, and benches and trash cans for people with larger dogs. There are also two parking lots.

The park has three separate dog runs, one near the shelter, one near the playground, and another near the soccer field.

The soccer field includes a field for people to play soccer on, and two shelters. It has been used for student sporting events, and has been used by students playing pick-up games of soccer.

Three dog runs were installed in the park. The large dog run is separated into three sections. The dog runs are large enough that they can be closed off for a variety of purposes, such as events for smaller dogs, or dog shows for larger dogs. The large dog run is a grass area, with a pond that was part of the original dog run design. The grass area is surrounded by fencing. The large dog run is the only area of the park where dogs can enter.

Two smaller dog runs are near the playground. One of the smaller dog runs is separated into two sections, which are small enough that they can be used as shelter or play areas. The other smaller dog run is a grass area surrounded by a chain-link fence. It also has a pond that was part of the original design for the dog run. The smaller dog runs are accessible to dogs without leashes.

A third dog run is near the soccer field. It is located near the shelter. The dog run is large enough to accommodate multiple dogs and their owners. The dog run is also a small grass area with a pond.

The play area is located near the shelter. The play area is a large play structure, with a slide, swings, and a water fountain. The play area has three exits and a large open area where children can play. The play area has a pond, which was part of the original design for the dog run. The play area was added after students had expressed an interest in a playground for children, which was one of the goals of the Miller Park expansion. It was also hoped that the large dog run would be a refuge for the large dogs and their owners.

The soccer field has two shelters, and a play area near the shelter. The soccer field is a large soccer field with a goal. It was designed with the aid of students. A large pond with a fountain was a part of the original design.

A path runs through the park. It is a mixture of asphalt, cinder, and grass. The path is used by runners, walkers, and bikers.

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