Love is like a dog poem

Love is like a dog poem

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Love is like a dog poem." "What is?" "You have to feed it but it eats so much." "I can't understand." "I can't believe you're an addict." "Why?" "You don't think I know anything about drugs?" "What's that?" "You're my mother." "I don't know anything." "You could tell me." "I can't tell you." "No, no, no." "I don't understand." "You should've told me." "I'd have helped you." "But you know how I feel about that." "I like to keep that in reserve." "In reserve for what?" "Are you taking drugs now?" "No." "No, I haven't taken any." "When was the last time you had one?" "I don't know." "That long, huh?" "I always took them with you." "I don't think you do that anymore." "How can you say that?" "I never stop being your mother." "It's not fr." "It's not fr." "You've been lying to me." "You've been lying to yourself." "I'm your mother." "You can't lie to me like that." "I'm your mother!" "I'll tell you this." "You'll get clean, it'll be okay." "Then you can come home agn." "I'll take you back." "But if you don't get clean, don't expect that." "I love you so much." "I know." "I love you, too, Mommy." "I want to go back in." "We can't do that right now." "Why not?" "I told you before." "You can't be with me." "That's the truth." "What do you mean, "that's the truth"?" "What does that mean?" "You're my mother." "That's the truth." "You can't be with me." "I'm going to take you back to your room." "You are my mother!" "You are my mother!" "You are my mother!" "You're going to stay in your room." "Hello?" "Hi, Mom." "What's up?" "Nothing." "I just wanted to say hi." "I don't think that's a good idea." "No?" "Why not?" "I don't want you to." "Why are you saying that?" "I don't know." "I just don't want to, okay?" "You know how that feels, being told that you don't belong?" "That's all." "What do you mean, I don't belong?" "And you know how that feels, too?" "Hiding, it feels bad." "I'm not hiding." "I'm in the room." "I'm on the phone with you." "Where?" "Where am I hiding?" "Hello?" "I'm not hiding." "You see me." "I see you." "What is it?" "No, it's nothing." "I just wanted to ask you something." "Look, Mom, I gotta go." "Yeah, I know." "I just wanted to ask you." "Why did she say I'm hiding?" "Did you ask her?" "No." "You sure?" "Yeah, I'm sure." "See you." "No." "I won't ask her." "You don't think that's a good idea?" "No." "I'm sure." "So, you're just staying in your room?" "I like it in my room." "Why did she call you?" "I don't know." "Because I'm your mother." "Why is it so hard for you?" "Your mother calling you." "I know." "You never think that call is going to come." "Then it does." "It comes and you're out." "You are out of there." "I'm glad I didn't go to the bar." "You are, right?" "I don't know why it's so hard for you to ask her." "It's easy." "Why do you think it's so hard?" "It is." "Why?" "We're not..." "We're not in touch." "You know, she didn't even know who I was." "You gotta do it." "You've got to talk to her." "What for?" "Because you're my brother." "You can talk to her." "I don't know." "Because you're my brother." "Because I'm your brother." "You're stuck with me, big deal." "Talk to her, please." "Where are you going?" "I gotta take a walk." "You want me to come with?" "No." "No, I just need some r." "All right." "I'll see you later." "It's like a disease." "You get it." "But it's always, " I'm not a drinker, just a social drinker."" "Or, "I can't drink, I'll get in trouble." "I'll get in trouble." ""I can't drink, I'll get in trouble." ""I'm an alcoholic." "I'll get in trouble." ""My life is over." "My life is over."" "You gotta tell your mom to put some limit on you, please." "She's gonna tell you it's a disease." "That's what she wants to believe." "You know what's a disease?" "I'm telling you, if she'd love you like you deserve, she would make changes in her life." "But because she thinks you're the devil, that's why she won't change." "You know?" "It is a disease." "She is just afrd." "You're just afrd." "You're just afrd." "You're afrd to let go of that dream." "Why?" "Because she won't make changes for you?" "Because you don't want to grow up." "You don't want to grow up." "You know what?" "I just don't know what to do." "You have to stop feeling so bad." "I was so bad." "You know?" "I was so bad." "I was so bad." "And I wasn't there for her." "You were there for her." "I couldn't help." "I couldn't help." "You know, because I didn't wanna help." "You know?" "I didn't wanna help." "And I was..." "I was so afrd." "I was so afrd." "It was so frightening." "It was so frightening." "I think I was..." "I was too afrd, I was too afrd." "Too afrd to be free." "Afrd to be free." "So many years I spent" "So many years I spent fearing that." "Fearing that." "Too afrd." "Too afrd." "No." "No." "No." "You don't have to be afrd." "You don't have to be afrd." "You just let go." "You just let go." "You just let go." "You just let go." "Come on." "Come on." "Oh, yes." "Yes, yes." "Yes." "Yes." "Oh, yes." "Oh, yes." "Oh, yes." "Oh, yes." "Oh, yes." "Oh, yes." "Yes." "Yes." "Oh, yes." "Oh, yes." "Oh, yes." "Oh, yes." "Oh, yes." "Oh, yes." "Oh, yes." "Oh, yes." "Oh, yes." "Oh, yes." "Oh, yes

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